Young Greens, an independent civic association, was founded in 2002. We focus on environmental protection, sustainable development, human rights, globalization and solidarity. We are members of the Federation of Young European Greens.

We organize seminars, round tables, screenings of documents and international exchange events which are focused on these issue.

Anyone who is interested in green ideas can become our member until he or she reaches the age of 30. Then he can stay member until 35 years of age.

We currently have active local branches in Prague, Brno and Usti nad Labem. Our aim to set up branches in other cities, so we welcome all new members from anywhere in the Czech Republic!

Our mission

The life of man is inseparably linked with nature. Every feature that breathes, drinks, eats and enjoys, is rooted in the close as well as distant ecosystems. Happy, healthy and full human life requires that these roots of life were as healthy as possible and of highest quality. Nowadays, people lost any sense of association to nature that allowed the use of natural resources in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The result of unlimited exploitation of nature is climate change, extension of serious diseases and allergies, and feelings of rootlessness and constant fear – of the radioactivity, of the food or water… Emerging problems do not respect national borders, making the global cooperation necessary. Young Greens want to inform objectively about these issues and contribute to find appropriate and creative solutions. In particular, through harmonic, equal co-existence between man and nature with a sense of responsibility towards the Earth, humanity, his fellow men and women, and himself. Life on the Earth originated much earlier than the existence of humankind and can exist without human.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

We try to act and live responsibly towards the Earth, mankind, people around us and ourselves. We want the concept of sustainable development to become a common criterion for decisions of politicians, businesses, entrepreneurs and all citizens. We see the protection of the environment and the biodiversity as essential for the future.

Equality and Human Rights

We believe that all people deserve equal rights regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality or religion. Young Greens will always oppose all forms of discrimination and support those who seek its removal.

Globalization and Solidarity

Young Greens critically examine current events in the world, the increasing gap between North and South, the problems arising from migration and other negative manifestations of globalization.

Young Greens

We believe that young people are the driving force of the society who able to promote its ideals altruistically. Therefore we try to encourage their civic engagement and creative thinking. We want the views of young people to be heard and taken seriously.

We recognize the same ideals that gave birth to the so-called green movement in the seventies and carried nowadays by European Green Parties. However, unlike them we focus almost exclusively on the activities of civic character and we maintain independence of the Green Party.

We ask civil and political forces began to solve the problems of our society and we are committed to help them to do.