In 2003 FYEG and Czech Young Greens organized a summer camp in Šumava called “No forest, no future!” followed by a campaign with the same name, remembered Nicolas Schaefers, co-spokesperson of FYEG. Now Šumava is in need again. A protected forest, serving as habitat for many protected species is not and cannot be a source of lumber!

FYEG supports the protesters, who have been peacfully camping near the site in order to prevent a huge cut-down of the trees. On Monday, 25th of July, some activists were ousted, got fined and felling started. The next day the activistis got outnumbered by police, but they remain determined to stay within the area and prevent further tree cutting. FYEG shares activisits concerns over the future of the protected areas once they will be left without trees and opposes any attempts to dismantle the national park.

We support the activists in demanding of the Natura 2000 assessment even if it means chaining to the trees”, said Terry Reintke, co-spokesperson of FYEG.”The fact that the decisions were suddenly taken in an untransparent manner, in disregard of the ongoing discussions between scientists, environmental organisations and politicians is unacceptable to us“.