FYEG supports activists blockade bark beetle-hit forest in Šumava and condemns the police actions against it

Šumava is the largest national park in the Czech Republic and part of the largest continuous belt of mountainous spruce type forest in central Europe. Amidst controversial discussions on how to react to the bark beetle outbreak of recent years, the decision to start the illegal spaying of infected trees with a toxic insecticide along with cutting of trees was taken by park management and approved by the Czech minister of environment.

Stop neonazis! FYEG demands ban on neonazi demonstration

Tisková zpráva FYEG (Federation of Young European Greens), kterou připravil za MZ Josef Šmída.

Czech neo-Nazi demonstration, planned for the 1st of May in Brno, is part of a worrying racist trend in Europe which closely correlates with austerity measures and growing anti immigration sentiment.

The economic crisis, along with austerity measures, has led to a growing policy trend towards restricting migration. This has set the stage for a rise in the racist and xenophobic neo-Nazi movement across Europe. Just as we oppose the destruction of our welfare systems, we also oppose any institutionalisation of racism and prejudice.

Egypt Shows New Power of Media

The mass demonstrations in Egypt proved the never ending power of media. This is a great news for media professionals, who started to be worry how will be the media used in 21st century. Main demonstrations in Egypt were organized through social networks as Facebook and Twitter, so the first reaction from Egyptian regime was […]

Violenthagen: The End of Civilization

Přetiskujeme z blogu Evropských mladých zelených…

I am going to tell you a story, one of those stories impossible to forget.

“There has been a time where many passionate, concerned and committed people believed that it was possible to change this world into a better one. These people were convinced that Climate Change is a problem that can only be solved by changing our lifestyle, our economical, political and social system . They thought that our leaders, politicians and state representatives were not doing enough and that normal people, especially those ones already affected by climate change could offer real solutions to save the planet.