/The United States has asked the new Czech government for permission to
build a radar base in the republic which would form part of the U.S.
anti-missile defence system./

* *

The *Federation of Young European Greens* (FYEG) is opposed to the
building of a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. Right-wing Civic
Democrats have long supported building the base in the country, which is
a member of NATO.

„The planned missile defence system will not protect the Czech Republic
against missiles but on the contrary, it will increase the risk that our
country will become the target of the first strike in the event of a
military conflict,“ says *Josef Smida*, Spokesperson of Mladí zelení
(Czech Young Greens). „We and the whole of Europe should say NO to the
rocket base, NO to the radar base and NO to these unaccountable military
bases in general.“

The United States is also seeking a location for a base for rockets that
could intercept ballistic missiles. Poland is being considered. The
Czech Center for Empirical Research conducted a survey for Czech
television that showed that almost half of Czech citizens polled were
against the site, saying it would not enhance the country’s security.
Only one-third of those polled were not opposed to the US base.

An independent group of citizens has, with this in mind, started the
initiative „No to the Bases.“ Some 35 organizations have joined the
cause, calling for a nation-wide referendum on the issue.

„To say there is no risk for the people of the Czech Republic from the
location of the radar installation is simply not true,“ says *Ska
Keller*, FYEG Spokesperson. „FYEG is opposed to NATO and similar
militaristic structures, and the current building of new U.S. bases in
Europe does not serve neither peace nor stability.“

Ska Keller, Spokesperson: ska@fyeg.org
Josef Smida, Spokesperson of Mladi Zeleni: josef.smida@zeleni.cz