Dear guests,

please accept our invitation to one of the most interesting green events of the season. The conference “Crisis of Democratic Governance in Europe” will focus on the growth of non-democratic tendencies in the V4 countries as well as in Europe in general. The conference is a part of the annual General Assembly of the Federation of Young European Greens – FYEG, which, for the first time, is taking place in the Czech republic.

Together with a hundred foreign guests we will present to you some of the most inspiring change-makers from the region and the continent. Among those who confirmed their contributions are Boris Dittrich (Human Rights Watch), Terry Reintke (Member of the European Parliament), Veronika Pehe (Krytyka Polityczna), Matěj Stropnický (Strana zelených), Laura Slimani (Young European Socialists) or Radovan Geist (EurActiv). The schedule, description, as well as the complete composition of the four panels can be found below and in the individual sub-events.

26.5. 18:00 The East is back? – FYEG Spring Conference #PraGA16

27.5. 10:00 Let’s get radical (again)? – FYEG Spring Conference #PraGA16

27.5. 18:00 Crushing the Far-Right – FYEG Spring Conference #PraGA16

28.5. 18:00 Multiple Crises, One Cause? – FYEG Spring Conference #PraGA16

The conference will be taking place in English, with the exception of the second panel. Second panel, on Friday May 27 in the morning, will be held in Czech with simultaneous transcription into English. Simultaneous English transcription will be provided during all panels. The final panel on Saturday, May 28, will be also simultaneously translated into Czech.

Light refreshments as well as a kids’ corner will be available during the panels.

In order to reserve space for you in the conference hall, please kindly register online*: http://goo.gl/forms/j6uVrdgDSp
*registration is necessary only for external guests who are not delegates at the FYEG GA 2016.
We will confirm your reservation by May 24. Your private data will be protected and used solely for the purpose of this event.

The conference is financially supported by: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Prague,European Greens (EGP), Strana zelených, and Greens/EFA group at theEuropean Parliament.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or remarks at GA2016prague@mladizeleni.cz.

Sincerely yours,
Mladí zelení and the Federation of Young European Greens – FYEG

(more information available in individual panels’ sub-events)

25.6. 18:00 Dům Světla
OPENING PANEL: The East is back?// #PraGA2016 Spring Conference

Since the turbulent year or 1989, the Visegrad societies seemed set on walking a path towards political and cultural “Westernization”. Recent developments, however, show that despite improving economic situation the disillusionment with the democratic system, and relative mistrust in the “Brussels Dictate” push Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia back towards political insecurity.

– Radovan Geist, journalist, EurActiv (SVK)
– Veronika Pehe, journalist, Krytyka Polityczna (PL)
– Péter Ungár, LMP – Lehet Más a Politika (HU)

Moderator: Karolina KrelinovaMladí zelení



27.6. 10:00 Dům Světla
CZECH PANEL: Let’s get radical (again)?// #PraGA2016 Spring Conference

The Czech Republic is still seriously lagging behind its European counterparts on a range of issues, including solidarity with refugees and Roma people or in the fight against climate change. Is radical activism what we’re missing to get the progressive messages across?

– Arnošt Novák, enviro- & autonomous movements activist, member of the autonomous social center Klinika collective (Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika)
– Tomáš Z., radical ecological activist, target of police action Fénix
– Daniela Cincibusová & Emília Horáčková, anti-racist activists and social workers
– Monika Horáková, Hlavák refugee support initiative, Strana zelenýchPresidency

Moderator: Sára Drahokoupil Vidímová , Mladí zelení



27.5. 18:00 Dům Světla
EUROPEAN PANEL: Crushing the Far-Right// #PraGA2016 Spring Conference

Distinguishing between betwen “fascist” or “neonazi groups” and “citizens who are afraid” proves difficult in the V4. Can we crush the far-right and at the same time build an inclusive society for all?

– Meszerics Tamás, MEP (HU)
– Wiktor Dynarski, President, Fundacja Trans-Fuzja (PL)
– Laura Slimani, President, Young European Socialists (FR)
– Róbert Bearmaid Furiel, Director, Saplinq (SVK)
– Georg Layr, MigSzol Csoport (HU)

Moderator: Morgan HenleyFederation of Young European Greens – FYEGExecutive Committee, Mladí zelení presidency



28.5., 18:00, Dům Světla
CLOSING PANEL: Multiple Crises, One Cause?// #PraGA2016 Spring Conference

While the media are all about the “refugee crisis” today, the “Greek crisis” is for long not over yet. And while climate change continues unfolding into a serious crisis at our doorsteps, we see a rise of undemocratic policies across Europe and in particular in CEE. While these crises share common denominators, do they also share common solutions?

– Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director LGBT Rights Program, Human Rights Watch
– Matěj Stropnický, Chairman, Strana zelených
– Zoltán Pogátsa, political economist, initiator of Diem25.official (HU)
– Aleksandra Sniegocka-Gozdzik, Head of Women’s group, engaged in PR and international projects, Komitet Obrony Demokracji movement (PL)

Moderator: Vít MasareMladí zelení


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