One day all those people decided to make a peaceful, democratic demonstration by gathering people from the Global South and the Global North, all together, with the aim to bring their concerns and proposals inside the Bella Centre. They believed in the idea that only by turning the COP into a People’s Assembly it would have been possible to move into a new sustainable era. They gathered at Tarnby train station at 8 ‘o clock and soon after they started their march towards the Bella Centre. Followed and surrounded by the police, they sticked closely together, creating boundaries and unbreakable links. They sang all the way asking for Climate and Social Justice, supporting the idea that a better world is possible by changing the discussions by the negotiators inside the Plenary Session of the Bella Center.

When they finally arrived at the Bella, they tried to join their forces with other activists, developing countries representatives, NGO people coming out of the Bella Centre in order to create a POPULAR, CIVIL and PEACEFUL People’s Assembly. Suddenly they were surrounded by many policemen who started beating them, using pepper spray, teargas and  water to disperse them. However those people stayed together protecting one other,  singing to the police ” We are peaceful, what are you?”. Eventually the police managed to interrupt with the use of excessive force the democratic and peaceful demonstration. The People’s Assembly remained just a dream for those thousands of people who passionately floated the streets of Copenhagen in a very cold day of December”

Unfortunately this is not just a story but this is what actually happened this morning during the “RECLAIM POWER” demonstration. This is what some FYEG delegates experienced today as the saddest moment of our two weeks here. We can surely say that the era of Hopenhagen is passed or probably has never existed.