**Battal Erdogan, Member of the Executive Committee of FYEG** and participant in the action maintains: “With the NATO led war in Afghanistan, it has become obvious that NATO is not an instrument that brings security. For the past 60 years NATO has brought Europe deeper inside war conflicts and opened disputes with Europe’s surrounding countries. This has created less stability and more insecurity on a world level. At this moment those issues of instability and insecurity are answered by military armed violence whilst uncountable human lives are sacrificed in the name of peace. History has proven too many times that violence never leads to peace or conflict resolution.

This is the reason why we are joining the „NATO Game Over“ action. Through non-violent protests and bomb-spotting actions, we want to draw attention to the fact that, as the organisers of the protest state, security is too important to leave it to the military.”

**Marina Barbalata, FYEG Co-Spokesperson** further comments: “Huge amounts of public money are being spent on the maintenance of large military forces in Europe that include nuclear weapons. This big amount could be better be devoted to social expenditures, which is now even more important now in time of a global crisis, and to fight against poverty. The young European Greens strongly oppose militarism on the one hand, and the waste of public resources on the other. Furthermore, we believe that there are viable alternatives to NATO such as a European Civil Peace Corps, with no military structure and in charge of creating and maintaining peace. In this way, we would be replacing a war making mechanism, with a peace making one. Therefore, the Young European Greens will continue to take part in actions such as the “NATO Game Over” non-violent demonstrations in Brussels and to struggle for a global de-militarisation.”